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                    151. Loneliness is a feeling where people experience a powerful _____ of emptiness and solitude(孤独).

                    A. trend B. dash C. crash D. rush

                    152. Tony _____ the invitation, otherwise he would have attended your birthday party.

                    A. couldn’t have received B. mustn’t have received

                    C. needn’t have received D. shouldn’t have received

                    153. -- Is this the first time you _____ Shanghai?

                    -- No. But the first time I _____ here, the city wasn’t so beautiful.

                    A. visit; came B. have visited; came

                    C. have visited; have come D. visit; have come

                    154. _____ a scenic spot worth _____, Hangzhou, a friendly city, attracts many visitors from all over the world.

                    A. Considering; visiting B. Considering; being visited

                    C. Considered; visiting D. Considered; visited

                    155. -- I’m sorry. Jack, please don’t _____.

                    -- I had a little accident with the car, but it wasn’t my fault.

                    A. be on cloud nine B. be down in the dumps

                    C. promise me the moon D. fly off the handle

                    156. Focus on what you are supposed to do every day and you _____ gradual progress.

                    A. make B. will make C. made D. would make

                    157. -- It’s amazing that Beijing and Zhangjiakou have won the bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics!

                    -- Sure it is! The government _____ have made great efforts!

                    A. could B. should C. might D. must

                    158. The band, _____ members are all over 70, is currently on tour all over country.

                    A. whose B. who C. which D. what

                    159. The hikers made marks on the way _____ they wouldn’t get lost in the mountain.

                    A. as if B. so that C. even though D. in case

                    160. When I asked if _____ would help me, Tony was the first to volunteer.

                    A. everyone B. none C. anyone D. all

                    161. -- Did you watch the live broadcast of China’s military parade on September, 3rd?

                    -- It’s a pity that I missed it. I _____ to New York then.

                    A. would fly B. flew C. was flying D. have flown

                    162. Some experts believe _____ our personalities are largely determined by genetic factors.

                    A. that B. whether C. what D. how

                    163. _____ ups and downs in the past four years, Bob finally succeeded in extending his business overseas.

                    A. Experienced B. To experience

                    C. Having experienced D. Experiencing

                    164. Jack is sort of nervous as his examination results _____ to his parents in three days.

                    A. were sent B. are sent C. have been sent D. will be sent

                    165. If you had told me in advance, I _____ him at the airport.

                    A. will meet B. would meet C. will have met D. would have met

                    166. At the bad news, the woman put her hands _____ her eyes and cried out.

                    A. across B. over C. above D. between

                    167. Winter _____, but children can’t wait to go skiing.

                    A. won’t arrive B. didn’t arrive C. hadn’t arrived D. hasn’t arrived

                    168. Washing hands thoroughly is one of the effective ways to avoid _____ by virus.

                    A. being infected B. infecting C. to be infected D. to infect

                    169. Career advisors often suggest people find a job _____ they can get a sense of achievement.

                    A. that B. what C. where D. which

                    170. _____ something unexpected happens, I will meet you at the school gate tomorrow morning.

                    A. When B. Unless C. Since D. If

                    171. It’ll do harm to you to lie in bed _____.

                    A. read B. and reading C. to read D. reading

                    172. I didn’t do very well in the exam, and so I’m afraid of _____.

                    A. scolding B. to be scolded C. being scolded D. scolded

                    173. -- Did you reach the top of the mountain?

                    -- Yes. Even I myself didn’t believe I could _____ it.

                    A. work B. climb C. get D. make

                    174. Barack Obama was very happy when many supporters voted _____ him.

                    A. on B. for C. against D. at

                    175. They found the remains of buildings _____ under the sand, together with a lot of treasures.

                    A. being buried B. buried C. to be buried D. burying

                    176. _____ catch the first train, he asks his mother to awake him up in the morning.

                    A. So as to B. In order to C. So that D. In order that

                    177. He was a good student and scored(得分) _____ average in most subjects.

                    A. below B. of C. on D. above

                    178. -- Hi, John! Haven’t you heard Peter was elected president?

                    -- _____? He is a boring man and doesn’t care about others.

                    A. What if B. What’s for C. What’s up D. So what

                    179. Our school appeals to the students to _____ at least an hour every day to take exercise in order to raise learning efficiency.

                    A.set aside B.pick out C.take up D.keep back

                    180. Lisa made a(n) _____ to help her husband with the problem, but failed in the end.

                    A. promise B. response C. decision D. attempt

                    181. The traffic accident _____all his life. After that he was limited to a wheelchair.

                    A. damaged B. destroyed C. harmed D. ruined

                    182. Americans and Canadians can understand each other _____ they don’t speak the same kind of English.

                    A. now that B. even if C. as if D. only if

                    183. _____ more effectively with others, more and more people equip themselves with a higher education.

                    A. Compete B. To compete C. Being competed D. Competing

                    184. He accidentally _____ that he had quarreled with his wife and that he hadn’t been home for a couple of weeks.

                    A. let out B. took care C. made sure D. made out

                    185. We firmly believe that war never settles anything. It only _____ violence.

                    A. runs into B. comes from C. leads to D. results from

                    186. --- When on earth will the bus come? We have been waiting here for what seemed long ages.

                    --- Look! _____.

                    A. There comes the bus B. There is the bus coming

                    C. There the bus comes D. There is coming the bus

                    187. Was it in the store _____ you bought the watch _____ you lost your wallet?

                    A. that; that B. where; where C. that; where D. where; that

                    188. Though great efforts have been _____ on her study, Annie can’t still make any improvements, which makes her parents greatly _____.

                    A. made; surprised B. done; surprising

                    C. taken; surprised D. given; surprising

                    189. The population of the city _____ from less than half a million in 1949 to over two million.

                    A. have increased B. has increased C. have improved D. has improved

                    190. Feathers fall to the ground slowly, _____ stones fall much faster.

                    A. but B. however C. while D. yet

                    191. —I can’t find my CDs.

                    —_____ you put them in that bag.

                    A. Must B. May be C. Maybe D. May

                    192. — _____ do you use the Internet a week?


                    A. How often B. How soon

                    C. How long D. How many times

                    193._____ he was tired, _____ he didn’t stop _____.

                    A. Although; but; to rest B. Though; /; working

                    C. Although; /; rest D. /; so; work

                    194. Tom studies _____. He _____plays with his friends.

                    A. hard; hard B. hardly; hardly C. hard; hardly D. hardly; hard

                    195. —They didn’t go to the park yesterday.

                    — _____.

                    A. So we did B. So did we C. Neither we did D. Neither did we

                    196. —Do you know what time your uncle _____ Dazhou tomorrow?

                    —At 2:00 p.m.. I will meet him when he _____ at the airport.

                    A.gets to; arrives B.will get to; will arrive

                    C.will get to; arrives D.gets to; will arrive

                    197. —James, can you tell me _____?

                    — Paul? I haven’t seen him for years. He used to be a shy and quiet boy.

                    A. what is Paul like B. what Paul is like

                    C. what does Paul like D. what Paul likes

                    198. He _____ computer games when his parents left home. So he didn’t know where they were.

                    A. is playing B. plays C. played D. was playing

                    199. —So many problems! I’m tired.

                    —You should try to _____ them by yourself. You are not a child any longer.

                    A. get into B. get off C. get over D. get on

                    200. — Do you often shop online?

                    — Yes. I have spent over 10 thousand yuan on Taobao and Suning _____.

                    A. in the past few months B. last month

                    C. in the following month D. next few months


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